My name is Hugo Milne-Home and I'm a 13 year old wildlife and nature photographer based in New Jersey. I started photography when I was nearly 8, after I took 2 pictures. One of a sunset and the other of the airport escalator in San Fransisco. After that I started photographing everything I saw on that vacation. Soon my dad got my a small waterproof panasonic Lumix. I then started focusing more on animals and enjoyed it when I got a good picture. However, when I returned back to my home, I started 5th grade and forgot about it for 2 years. Until Christmas of 2015 when I got a Canon power-shot HS 530 sx. I then realized how important photography was to me again. In early August I got my first DSLR (A canon t6i) which I had delivered to me on vacation in Scotland, which is where some of my best shots where taken. And in early September I bought a Canon 100-400 f4.5-5.6. In christmas of 2016 I got a canon 7d mark II and a 1.4x III teleconverter.